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Terry Miller

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Hello People,
Just bought my first cart to take to the campgrounds. I think it's a 2005 Precedent. it's in decent shape, but I'm getting ready to pull it in my shop and give it a good going over and do some small upgrades. I don't know anything about the world of electric motors, so I'll be asking stupid questions. Thanks in advance for any advice. Right off the bat I noticed the charge light came on when pulling a 100 yard hill at about a 15% grade. I had only gone 600 yards on a full charge and 200 0f that was down the same hill. So I was wondering if the batteries were going bad???



Welcome to Cartaholics. :hattip:

There's a few reasons why the battery light will come on. Here's a link to a post in the Club Car Resource section of the forum that gives detail on the Battery Light. Let us know if you have any other question and congrats on the new golf cart.
Club Car Battery Warning Light