New Batteries Drain Fast -30min | Navitas Controller, 48v


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I have a EZGO RXV - 48V with a Navitas Speed Control installed. Was noticing lots of battery drain on batterys (4 years old) and got only about 10 minutes of run time. seemed to get worse over time

Navitas Speed Control can get me up to about 39MPH, but Ive tuned down to 34MPH, on lifted cart, 23" wheels.

So yesterday installed New Batterys; so 6 new 8v batterys, and only got about 30 minutes max of run time before full discharge (at speed runtime) w/some hills, not many. Cables are larger cables and were getting hot... so installed larger gauge and they are cool after running again for about 28 minutes.... Drained to zero... but meter actually let me ride a little longer on warning light and zero charge??? that was weird. Then charged complete overnight so a nice full charge.

However today

Still only getting about 30 minutes runtime with a full overnight charge and the voltmeter/charge display is all over the place. Any thoughts where my voltage is disappearing too, new battery's discharging quickly, charge meter not accurate.

Miles today driven on full charge at about 25mph/30mph foot to floor, 28minutes or about 5.5 or 6miles max.... I used to get much more.

Batteries are: Golden Eagle, GEGC-170. AH170, 120V at 56Amp.

Using large 600v welding cables, and where got hot, doubled up to posts to cool down cables (seems to work

Charger is EZGO Delta-Q S 48, and I have another 48v 15Amp Fast Charger (newer model)

Navitas 600amp Speed Controller

Original Motor, havent upgraded that

Standard lights, turn indicators, aftermarket underglow led kit (wasnt on during 30min ride)


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