New and Old Members If You're Having Trouble Logging In To The Forum Read This


It's come to my attention that some members that registered on the forum before the conversion are having trouble logging in the first time since the conversion has been completed.

If you have a account here but can't log in use the contact us link on the bottom right of the forum pages and send me your user name and email address. Also if you can't log in you can use the forgot password link on the log in page and should be able to reset your password as long are the email address you used when you registered is still valid.

I also see a lot of NEW registrations that have not validated there account by clicking the link in the validation email that gets sent when you register. If you didn't get the validation email check your spam folder. If the email isn't in your inbox or spam folder please use the contact us link at the bottom right of the forum pages and include the user name and email address you used to register.