New Alltrax Controller Motor and Solenoid Cart Not Running


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I have replaced my controller, solenoid and motor in my 1999 CC Regen. All is hooked up proper. Alltrax 300 DCX controller lights up proper when turned on (7 blinks then solid green).

Cart does take a charge but won't run or move at all.

Tried to reset OBC and got nothing. Can't get reverse buzzer working and no power. Do hear click in solenoid.

New batteries (Aug. 08) and a new 2 guage wire connections.

Just don't know what to look at next.

Anybody with any thoughts?!?!!?


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NO not running before all this but motor was fried in Nov.

could it just be a fuse somewhere???


If the alltrax is lit up green and you hear the solenoid click it could be low battery voltage. Have you checked the total pack voltage? Go over all your wiring.


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check voltage to motor what about ground for motor , computer, etc....let me know, good luck! Don't forget when depressing pedal you should hear main solenoid click it shoud be completing main feed to controller via large studs on solenoid blue to red to main pack . Just cause it clicks doesn't mean the contacts aren't burnt inside and not relaying power to controller etc..... good luck !


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GOT IT!!! Low voltage light came on Alltrax and I charged it and the thing was like new!!!

Dragged raced a neighbor in a '86 gas Yamaha that has always been faster than the fleet of carts at our course. In a 200 yard race I smoked him by 120 yards!!!

Ordered a heavy duty solenoid this week and when the normal solenoid blows (it will) I will put in the HD. Also programming the Alltrax at 50% throttle. It is way too fast!!! I just want the torque and to know that I will not burn out this motor in 4 weeks!!!!

Thanks for the help boys!!!!