New 6" All Sports Lift Kit & Wheels Installed


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Very pleased with the new 6" lift kit, wheels & tires from All Sports! I'm a newbie & was able to install everything with my 2 sons. I've attached before & after photos. I do have a question regarding the brakes post install. The brakes were weak before the installation but they are really bad now. Any recommendations to what I should do with them (new pads, cables, adjustment)?


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Looking good! How much free play does the brake pedal have? Either the brake shoes and cables need to be adjusted or the brake shoes are shot.


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Not much play. They are pretty tight. I have to literally stand on the pedal to stop. Even then, it takes a lot of time to stop.


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Your backing plates may need replaced if the pivots are worn out.
How do I check those? I do know we had a ridiculous time getting the pins from the cables back in the lever arm because the cable seemed tighter after the lift install.