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hello,looking to find out how long the gears in the rear end take to replace and are they comlicated to do myself?just wanted to know how easy or hard it takes also going from stock gears to 6-1 gears from tom from cart plus any ideas keeping the cart low profile.
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It doesn't take long if you know what your doing. I mean as far as being familar with removing the rearend. You don't need to drain the oil. Or remove the tires. Just set the rear up on the one tire and split the casing. My brother had some pictures when he did his. I will try and find them. When we did mine, it took about 2 hours start to finish. But I would say its going to be about a 5-6 hour job.


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One picture showed the gear being heated on the kitchen stove. Worked great! Slid right on.

I think the 6:1 are too tall of a gear. I have 8:1 and its about perfect. At WOT I hit 43.9mph @ only 4350rpms But I have a bigger engine. I know a guy from michigan that has a 290 with 6:1 gears and he can get about 35mph but can't get over 3300rpms. No power through mid range. has governor and limiter disconnected but didn't need to. Not lifted either. He wished he went with the 8:1. Now if you were to put a big block behind it, you coulf FLY!