Nerf Bar Set


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Nerf Bar Set (Tested and Installed on a Club Car)

BU# NFBUNV5125 (black)
BU#NFBCC0CHR (chrome)

Stats- Side Nerf bars

Review- First off these nerf bars do NOT mount like how the pictures show. They mount directly to the side of the cart to the rocker panels using 2 bolts and drilling thru the side. I got to admit they are very sturdy as I can jump up and down on the side of my cart with them. They are kind of slick so I added some traction tape so there is no worries of a elder sliping and hurting them self. Installing took me about 2 hours because I could not under the intructions with seeing the picture used.

Cost-$94.99 (black) $169.99 (chrome)

Rating 7/10 (picture mis-leading)


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The BU versions pictures didn't show me what I really cared for. Under the body mount I mean. I went to "Big Buggys Inc."
Part number - #CNDPSC

They mounted the same way you were talking about. Drill through the side frame. Install time was nothing. They look great and are really sturdy. I am 250 pounds and they don't give a bit.

The diamond plate "slip in covers" with the brushed aluminum bars package deal.....$125.00. They have black available also for a small fee.