Neighborhood Golf Cart


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Neighborhood Golf Cart I'm building. Started as a 95, I think.

Wanted to run the 14's and keep ride height as low as possible. This year has the axle that is angled in at both ends. I cut off spring perches and flipped axle to push wheels away from body to see if this would give me the clearance, added some coilover mounts since I had these coilovers laying around. They're only rated for 100 lbs/inch but with the leaf springs I was hoping they would suffice. Obviously it's not a long travel but it sure smoothed out the ride.
Mockup pic here, going to take out a little of the angle then weld reinforcement to frame for upper mount.

Wheels now fit nicely, I think I can stand another 1-1.5inch drop with no rubbing. Stock leaf springs were shot and the only thing I had at the time were club car hd springs. Took one leaf out but they're longer and pushed the axle too far back. I have some 175 lb progressive coilovers that only have 4" of travel I might install and play with new stock springs or the old worn out springs and see which combo rides better. Will lower rear to match the additional drop in front as well.

Still have to paint, add a few cosmetic goodies and replace the pre 01 steering rack and gear and possibly add a dampener to try to tighten up the steering.
Right now I'm at 24 mph and the steering is questionable at best at this speed.
New parts installed so far-
Alltrax 400amp series controller
400 reversing contactor
500 amp main solenoid
6-8 volt us batteries
2/0 custom cables
48v smart charger
Ausco rear disk's

Still need-
Motor was painted black, when pressure washing I noticed underneath was blue. It's a D&D motor but I'm not sure what model. It's got a good amount of torque and does 24mph with the 48v upgrade. Going to fix steering then install 8:1 gears. My top speed after that will be the deciding factor on motor choice.
Paint- thinking red to match the wife's Durango R/T with black racing stripe and all black accents
Seats- custom black seats with red stitching and R/T emblems embroidered in
Have an 80" black top with black trim, going to cut a few inches from the supports and install it
Cut four inches from steering column
A few other cosmetic goodies and lights etc.


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Thanks, still got a ways to go. I'm not crazy about it but the wife wants it painted to match her Durango R/T.

I think I can pull it off and make it look good if I do a black racing stripe and everything else besides the body black. Will have custom seats done with the R/T and red stitching.

Still got a ways to go, when I get home from offshore working I should be able to get it done, I'm hoping. Unfortunately this went from "just Something to run check the mail with" to taking all the funds for my 72v hunting buggy...


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You have been gone for a while now. Welcome back & keep them pic's coming of your cart builds. Maybe you can build one slammed to the ground with a roll cage & 10" wide slicks .


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One step at a time lol.. Gotta get mine done before hunting season and the wife's done before I can pull another out of the graveyard..


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Got a GE d398 on the way, not the amd "replacement". Ordered front and rear black suite seats with ostrich inserts and the R/T embroidered in them. 80" black top, lights and some front end parts.

Anyone ever run a raptor with high speed gears? Wondering how much torque I'd lose for takeoff?


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Got the front end sitting where I want it now just need to do the rear end. Straightened the coilovers and raised the upper mounts two inches. Before this thing was all over the place at 23mph now it rides like its on tracks at 33mph. I lost quite a bit of torque with thecl raptor so 8:1's are out of the question. I guess 64v with the 650 amp alltrax is the next step...


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Thanks, it's still got a ways to go but getting there. It was supposed to be a cheap cart for the wife to go check the mail in...that would be boring, even my kids think stock golf carts suck, lol..


Yep! I haven't used my carts much the last couple years but my wife and kids have. I went out to the cottage a couple weeks ago and they were both filthy so wound up spending most of the day cleaning them.