need your help


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had a so called friend purchase the wrong system for his cart. he purchased a 4 hp 400 amp for a yamaha and not an ezgo 1998. after this mistake he asked if i would install it in his cart. not having any idea what was going on i followed the directions from bu and installed in the cart wired it per diagrams. now the guy want me to pay for his mistake. he tell me a yamaha and a ezgo are set up the same. i disagree, he then says its not for a yamaha, i disagree. he ants me to pay for damages and i think he owes me for over 125 hrs in trying to figure it out. i feel a yamaha motor and controller will not work in an ezgo, but can't find anyone to support me. am i wrong or
i need your help to clear my name thanks for your


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Depending on the year, I believe the Yamaha uses a 0-5K or a 0-1K throttle input and the Ezgo uses an ITS throttle input, they are not interchangeable so it would be the wrong controller.
Not your fault except someone should have checked the documentation in the beginning.


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thank you, they bought the system from the get go we had problems no one could figure it out. was on the phone for hours with buggies and we sent it out to a couple local cart shops. i was lied too. and even tho it took me 125 hours to figure it out. i did..... this guy and his wife have been dragging my name thru the mud for years. now the next question is this what about the motor ezgo are monted on the right and yamaha on the left if you just used the yamaha motor in an ezgo with a 400 amp programable controller will you have a problem?