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I recently purchased an older ezgo, i think it is an 1981 or so. It will used as a "ranch cart" by a family member who has trouble getting around.

The problem that I have is that as soon as the ignition switch is turned on, the cart takes off. I disconnected the accelerator pedal and it did not make any difference. I also noticed that there is "contact plate" that controls the motor. The first contact does not have a wire attached to it - it appears that is the "idle" position. I removed this contact and put some electric tape around it in case it was hitting the contact next it. There was no change.

Hopefully this is something that someone here has dealt with before. Any help is appreciated.

micky 1213

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I just posted about the same problem then saw this post, did you get it fixed? Seems there would be a back-up system to prevent motion when this happens. I got the cart for my elderly mother, she cannot react quickly enough to turn it off when this happens. I'm thinking af wiring another additional solenoid in as a safety feature.


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Unfortunately these carts are pretty rudimentary and not really designed as transportation modes for the elderly.
You can add additional solenoids but if they fail you still have the same issues.
Reducing the speed of the cart to 7 mph might be an idea.