Need the Right Tires and Lift Kit for Driving On Dirt Roads


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Hello every one I am new at this.I have a 2003 Club Car that seats four and this is the wife's. Our son lives 9 miles from us and we drive it on country dirt roads and the stock tires are real bumpy on the gravel roads. What kind of tires should I go to and do I need to lift the cart to fit the tires that I may need. Any info will help me with this project.


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How much air pressure are you running on the stock tires? A couples of pounds less makes a BIG difference if you haven't already tried it. A larger tire like a 22" would give you a softer ride but you would need to lift the cart to use them. If you decide to lift it for the larger tires I'd recomend a Jakes spindle lift and either 22" All Trails or Duro Deserts.


You could try airing the tires down to soften the ride. I live on a gravel road and run 22 in. desert duros with a 6 in. lift, the bigger tires roll through the bumps a little better. I guess it depends what you want to spend, a lift kit and tires would run about 800.
Talking a nice set of wheels for that price, you could do it for less with steel wheels and hub caps.