need some help!


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My wife has a EZ-GO cart, 2003 Model with a problem. Hit the pedal and it moves about a foot then stops. Even shorter distance in reverse! I need some help. My 3 year old Granddaughter told me to fix it!


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That is usually an indication of low batteries.
Start by cleaning and tightening the battery connections and charge the batteries until the charger stops.
Check the total pack voltage. The voltage needs to be 38.2v with a full charge. If it is not 38.2v, post up the individual battery voltages.


Like Doug said battery voltage and cable connections are the first place to start. Is the cart a PDS or series cart (if your not sure let us know where the forward and reverse switch is located)?


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Thanks for your help gentlemen. I do think it is a PDS, the for-rev switch is on the dash center. I did just charge the batteries
the day before it did this, and they were acting fine prior. I will check voltage. Thanks Again!