Need some help with an old Cart....


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Hello all...I'm new to this forum because my future Father-in-Law has just given me an '83 EZ-Go 2 Stroke golf cart. Atleast, I think it's an '83 (Model Number shows G 0483). The kicker is.....this thing hasn't been started in nearly 10 years. I have a few questions....

Obviously, the battery is dead. Is there a certain kind or type of battery that I should buy?
We can't seem to locate an owners manual for this cart. Can I find one on this forum? If not, where then?
Due to the fact that this thing hasn't started in 10 years....what should I look into in order to get this thing running correct? Clean the carb? Clean the gas tank? Replace or clean or check the Oil pump? Will I need to replace all gas lines? Any help with these details will be of HUGE help.
Anything else that you guys can think of?
Also, if I wanted to order parts (wheels, seat covers, replacement parts) where's a good place to go for that?

Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.

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A plain old cranking battery is all you need. Make sure its size will fit in the cart. A owners manual is gonna be hard to find for a 83. You can buy service manuals from the online parts places like BU.
To get it running clean the carb pull the plug and shoot a little oil into the cylinder clean the gas tank. If there is nothing wrong the thing should fire up.


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Hey all.....Good News!! The cart is up and running. Rather well I must say. Here's my next set of questions.

After spending about 2 hours on eBay last night, I see that there are a number of different types of EZ-Go carts. How do you know if you have a "Marathon", "TXT", "PDS", etc?? For this year guess is that it's a Marathon. Is that correct?

Next, when looking on eBay, it appears that the only upgrade I can buy for this cart is a 4" Lift Kit. However, what I'm really looking for is a nice set of Wheels and Tires. Is there a good place to look for these? Also, what if I wanted to add a windshield and that possible? What about a back seat? What about replacement bodywork? A new dashboard??

I'm going to want to replace a bunch of parts, but I can't seem to find too much on eBay for this year cart. Any help??

- Billy

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I bought my tire's on e-bay. got a great price. just type in the size of tire you want.I have an 84 ez-go and no there is not a hole lot of parts for these old carts. just your basic stuff. there are some stores on e-bay that sell cart part.but i mostly get my stuff from b.u. or i fabricate it myself. or you can sometimes find universal parts that might work as well.


Like ez chris said there's not a lot of aftermarket parts available for a 83. I think buggiesunlimited still sells a rear seat kit. They also have a big selection of tires and wheels. Jakes's also has tires and wheels. You can still get the rubber body trim but the body panels are scarce. Golfcarttirestore has a big selection of tires and wheels to...