Need rebuilt EZGO 350cc engine


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I live in a small town in Texas. 150 miles west of Dallas. I am a novice with gas golf carts. I use electric golf carts around my farm. I have a 2001 EZGO with a 295cc engine and I need a rebuilt 350cc EZGO engine. It is worn out and I want to replace it with a 350cc engine. Is this an easy replacement job? LVS sales and Golfcart Trader both offer a rebuilt 350cc, same price. I need some help in deciding what to do. Does anyone know of a engine re-builder in Texas or Oklahoma? Has anyone had any experience with LVS or Golfcart Trader engines? I have ordered parts from LVS and find them the cheapest around. Is there more information I need to put on here?

Thanks alot for all the helpful info on this site.


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the 350 will drop right in, many people have had bad results over the yrs with LVS and there know to sell poor quality Chinese engine parts. don't know anything about the other place but either way they won't sell you an engine for that price without a good 350 core, they won't except the 295's for cores.


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are you looking for a complete rebuilt motor????

i have rebuilt 295 with bigger piston and milled head that put out 15hp in stock