Need opinion on a cart?


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We are going to look at a 2005 Club Car IQ this weekend. The Cart is lifted with aluminum wheels, extended top, lights, rear seat, etc.

From what I have been told, the batteries still hold a decent charge but are original. The cart has heavy duty leafs in the back which I also understand may translate into a bumpy ride.

The cart will be used mostly riding around a family farm and taken to the beach on occasional trips.

Befor buying, I'm trying to get as much information as I can, so here goes:

1) If we purchase the cart, I'm expecting to buy batteries within the first few months, but what is the best way to evaluate the overall condition of the batteries now?

2) I'm going to check the undercarriage for any obvious signs of abuse (dents, rear-end leaks, etc.)

3) Test drive for any strange sounds checking lights, reverse, steering etc.

4) I'm looking for suggestions on what else to ask or check on prior to purchasing.

Also, I have read about some battery regeneration instructions that may extend the life of the batteries. Do these work?



Welcome to the forum...

1 - You can check the voltage of each battery with a digital meter. They should be close to 8.50 volts if fully charged and should all read close to the same voltage...

2 - Look for excessive corrosion around the battery rack along with the other things you mentioned...

3 - If there's a hill near the test drive see how the carts speed is going up hill. It's normal for it to slow some but if the speed goes way down it could be a sign of weak batteries...

4 - You pretty much have it covered. If anyone else has something to ad please chime in...

As far as I'm concerned none of the "battery tonics" work.

Good luck with the purchase and let us know how it goes...


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Thanks for the welcome and quick reply!

We have been looking at carts for awhile now, so I hope this works out!
I will keep the board up to date as I know I'm going to have a lot more questions in the future.

If anyone else has any additional tips or advise, keep em'coming!