Need More Power So I Can Load My Yamaha Golf Cart In My Truck


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Looking for a little more power so I can get my lifted 1995 G14 Yamaha golf cart into my truck. I ordered the modified governor spring and the high performance clutch spring. I'm new to the golf cart world and recently purchased one to use for camping. My truck is lifted though and as expected the cart doesn't have enough torque to get up the ramps. I don't want to make larger ramps. Truck is f350 diesel w/ 6.5 inches of lift on 37s.


If the clutch spring doesn't work out there's really not much more you can do without putting a bigger engine in the cart. The governor will only give you more top speed but not much for torque which is what you really need. Most guys use either a Briggs & Stratton Vanguard or Honda V-Twin when going with a bigger more powerful engine. You can buy the engine conversion kits.