Need Maintenance Help


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I purchased a new 2007 Club Car 440 (Electric) several years ago that is out of warranty and prefer to do my own maintance which has included to date: battery charging daily, maintainance of fluid level with distilled water weekly, lubricating front end quarterly (5 zerts), changing rear wheel drive fluid with 80/90w gear oil annually.
I need help with the following three things:

1. I have not firured out how to inspect break pad wear and/or gain access to the breaks. I would like detailed instructions on how this should be performed.

2. I have pulled the front wheels to inspect and service the wheel bearings and found the bearings to not be encased on grease as expected. The bearings appear to be sealed. I would like detailed instructions on how to performance maintenance on them if at all and the proper frequency.

3. For over a year I have a loud "pop" when turning the steering wheel and until now have not been able to determine the cause. I seems to eminate from slack between the bolt that passes through the front right (passenger side) leaf spring end curl and secures the spring to the frame. There is slack around the bolt that allows movement which causes the "pop". I have a feeling there should be a spacer or bushing to take up the slack. I would like to know if my suspision about the spacer being missing is correct and if so, where I can get one and detailed instructions on how to install it.