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I have a 2006 ez- go curtis PMC had to replace one battery now it won't go. Solenoid is ok does it have and fuse any where. What and where is the reed switch? Does anyone have a book or know where on line I can get one about trouble shooting and scamatics. please e mail me a [email protected]. Any help appreciated.


Is it a PDS or fleet cart?
Are you sure the new battery is wired correctly?
Does the reverse buzzer still work when you put the cart in reverse?
The reed switch is inside the charger receptacle on the cart. If there was any spark when you were installing the new battery it could have blown the reed switch. If the cart is a PDS make sure you flip the run tow switch to the tow position before doing any work on the cart. The reed switch is a safety device to stop the cart from running when the charger is plugged into the cart. If the reed switch blows the cart won't run at all and the reverse buzzer will stop working...