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Hi I just got a Club Car Carryall 1 gas, my problems are it starts in gear but not in neutral, I can flip the cam for the micro switches over and it will start in neutral but will die when I put it in gear, is this normal and if not can someone help me out? also it wont idle when I let up on the gas it dies???
I think it's a 2001 but my serial number starts with an F (FG0147-093243) and it wasn't on your list! o and can I make it go faster, must go faster!!!! can someone please help???? Thanks!


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I'm pretty sure that's normal on Carryall. As far as speeding it up you can adjust the governor. Do a search here and you should find the info on the governor...


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Thanks, it starts when I depress the pedal fine but it worries me that it only starts in gear if this is normal is there a way to switch this around my garage walls will be very thankful!



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vince, thats the way they are setup...........there is a maintence mode ( nueltrel ) but than the cart won,t run in either forward or reverse so its best to just let it go rig up some mattress,es along garage