need help with limo


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recently purchased a 97 club car - 8 passenger limo- 48v electric. love the cart but batteries last only 15 to 20 minutes with 6-8 people on board. motor is D377, controller is 300 amp, batteries are 2007 trojan t-890. Wires are 4 gauge. Tires are stock 8.5", no lift. Terrain is hard packed sandy-dirt road at a lake and is very flat. Other 2+2 48 volt carts run all day in this area. I realize I am doubling the weight but hoped cart would run most of the day on a charge.

How long should the charge last with new trojans installed? Should I change anything else or throw in the towel and buy a gas version?


Normal run time is between 20 to 30 miles on a regular cart. You should be getting more than 15 to 20 minutes even with the extra weight of the limo. You should check your batteries.


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Sounds like weak batteries or 1 with a bad cell. Load testing will confirm.
Do a voltage test on the individual batteries after charging and resting for at least an hour.
Do another voltage reading after driving the cart fully loaded for 20 minutes.
Post the numbers and I'll bet we can spot the problem.


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I noticed you said that it had already been upgraded to 4 gauge wire. Is the 4 gauge wire running through the small hole in the on board computer? It must run through that hole in order for the voltage sensor in the computer to work properly. If it's not, it won't charge properly and will result in short run-time.