Need help with 1992 Club Car


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The cart runs fine taking off and running, the problem is when you come to a stop it acts like pre ignition and it backfires and tries to run backwards. That is why I think the timing is off. What is involved in adjusting the timing? I personally have an EZ-GO and I have set the timing belt for that one and it runs fine. This Club Car is my sister-in-laws and I have not worked on a Club Car. A picture of setting the timing would be very helpful.
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Mine was doing that today "after I was messing with the gov." I added a tiny bit of slack to the throttle cable..all is ok know...but.. Inside the "black box" there are two mico powers the solenoid..the other kills the ignition when you release the gas pedal. If you release the gas and the ignition mico switch is not killing the motor, it will try and keep running..To check this, turn he key OFF, put the cart in "maintenance mode", take the covor off of the black box..stick your head down by the box and slowly depress the gas should hear 2 clicks..when you release the gas you should hear the 2 clicks again. If you do than that is good..just add a turn or two of slack to the cable coming out of the box..should fix it. Let us know how it goes.


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Yes.. check the throttle plate..
I know have a question..when my cart is not running the throttle plate is not fully closed..No matter what I do I cant seem to get it to be closed..almost seems as if the throttle return spring is weak. Like too much slack in the throttle linkage. When I adjust out the slack the cart has way too much of a hole-shot..If I adjust the slack so the cart takes off nice and easy, it only goes 9mph.
I am going nuts trying to get a nice easy 11mph with a gentle take-off. I need help.