Need Help Selecting a Cart


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Hello - I am new here! I am in the market to purchase a cart and I was wondering if some of the members might help me please.

I want a 4 seat cart for riding the hood, fishing on golf course ponds and golfing.

I have some down to 2 carts -

A gold standard Club Car Precedent or a new EZ Go - not the the ac model - and I am sorry I do not have the model number. PDS I think.

So I am confused over 36 volt vs. 48 volt - all dealers say there is not a difference.

What are some of the main differences between CC and EZ Go besides the CC Aluminium frame?

What is a better cart? Long term what is better for modification?

I like the style of the precedent. It seems more - say refined...

I like the fact that the EZ GO can mount a radio in the dash and on the CC you have to pyt it up top. I also like the factory back seat kit on the EZ Go and how it can create a storage area.

I don't like how you have to mount a radio in a consol at the roofline in an CC - this just seems like a problem waiting to happen - with all that shaking and rattling.

OK - any comments or recomendation would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


Im also looking at new golf carts so Ive been doing some research on the different brands. It seems like ezgo is the most popular especially electric golf carts. I think a lot of people are afraid of the on board computers in the electric club cars and from what Ive read they have good reason to be. Ive test drove them all and the ezgo rxv was by far the strongest running of all the electric carts and had the best ride. Im a little worried about it being the first year for the new AC power system on the rxv. I felt no difference in power on the 36 and 48 volt golf carts with the exception on the rxv.


I want to get a RXV but I had to put it on the back burner for now. I hope to have one by August if all goes as planned.


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I'm in a very similar boat, especially when trying to figure out what I want in a cart that can easily be modified later on. I've seen a lot of EZGo's out there but was not sure if the electrics would be fine to lift.


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I placed a post similar to all of yours last year about this time. I ended up getting an 06 EZGO PDS cart with 4'' lift and 400 amp controller. I love my cart. I personally believe it is like Ford and Chevy. Both are fine. I really don't know much about the club cars, but do like the way the look also. I like the EZGO because that is what they sale the most of here and I can get parts or get it worked on easily. Take care of your batteries and you will probably be happy with either cart. There are about 6-8 EZGO's in my neighborhood and very little problems thus far. Most of them are PDS carts.