Need Help Identifying My Yamaha Golf Cart - GAS


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I'm sorry for this but, I need a little help identifying my Yamaha golf cart. I think its a g-16 but would like some one else to take a look. I found 2 numbers on the cart: jr3-002737 off the top of engine and
jn6-k8401-10 under seat. It's a gas golf cart and I would like to know what year and if it's a 2-Stroke or 4-Stroke engine. I need to purchase a tune up kit, figure out how many quarts of oil it holds and where I can get a oil filter?

Thanks for your time.


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Check by the left hand glove box just below the rubber for the nose--you should see a cut out with the serial would be like the jn6 000000.
If you find it we can date code.
Yamaha does not have oil filter, uses 1 quart oil.


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The #'s show it's a G11 Yamahauler. Check out They have great resources for yammy's.