Need help identifying carts....


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I recently purchased three carts from my job, and have no idea how to identify them. For some reason all the serial plates have been removed from the glove box area and are long gone.
One is a older model, probably late 80's by looking at others like it. Two are a more modern 96+ type.
All need repair, the oldest one being parts only. But I cant figure out how to narrow down the year without the serial plates.
Thanks for any help!


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I bought an EZGO gas cart recently, and just like you, there was no ID plate under the dash. You could see where it had been. Mine is also weird, since the starter-generator is built onto the engine instead of being an external unit. I also would like to know what year it is. All I know is that it is newer than 1976, since that is when they started putting the plates under the dash. I have a 1973 and that plate is under the seat on the driver's side.
If you lift your seat and fold the inspection plate up there should be a serial number on the frame under the inspection cover. Or the other way to tell, is your steering column have three bolts or four bolts? Three bolts would be 2001 and down, four bolts would 2001 and up.