Need for speed, 2000.0 CCDS


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Just thought I'd ask a dumb question and see what kind of input I get. I read Jerry 45mph post about tricking up your GAS cart's speed and I figured your not gonna blow your cart up with normal use? I had snowmachines, only blew up one snowmacine piston from not watching the plugs when one was running real lean... do they have RPM limiters? I'm not gonna drag it or run it flat out for hours, just like to cross the road a little quicker. Can you detach the limiter and shorten up the governor? that screw up the starting. You'd probably need to install the constant run switch right? Do they make higher RPM limiters? Should I Just lose em and put in the switch? Is there anywhere someone has posted photos of how to leghten your accellerator linkage? My pedal just about hits the floor before the cart starts. Smaller clutch pulley would probabaly be the best solution correct? just like a smaller sprocket? Anyway, any suggestions would be appreciated.


You can eliminate the rev limiter and tweak the governor but I would strongly suggest a tach if you do. To get close to the speeds Wass was getting with a stock engine you'll also need some clutch machining.