Need an Axle for a 73 EZGO


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I have a 1973 EZGO electric golf cart and need an axle for it. The hub is stuck on the left side axle about 1/4 inch too far out. The ledge on the hub pops in and out of the seal and leaks grease. I have tried to get the hub off the axle but to no avail. :wallbash: Does anyone know where I can get a new axle and hub so that I can cut this one off and put in a new one? None of the places that I have looked even have listings for a cart this old. It is in excellent shape except for the axle problem, and I would like to keep it going. :dazed:


Vintage Golf Cart Parts would probably be your best bet for finding parts for your 1973 EZGO. You can also try Part4Carts they may have a used one. Good luck.