Need Advice On Buying a 1998 Club Car Golf Cart


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Thinking about buying a golf cart and need advice. Is $2700.00 a good/fair price for this 1998 Club Car golf cart? Looks very clean and owner seemed to know his stuff. Just wanted opinions on the pricing.

Immaculate, Garage kept, Club Car Golf Cart.
Front and rear lights for street use,
New rear view mirror,
Douglas Wheels - Smooth polished aluminum (model 321-036-02),
Low Profile Goodyear Double Eagle 205 x 50 - 10 Tires,
Split front window,
Sand bottle and cooler included,
Upgraded larger motor,
New batteries,
Battery charger.


I wouldn't say it's a great deal but if the batteries are new and the cart is CLEAN I would say it's probably worth the money. $2000.00 would sound a lot better in this area anyway.


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IMO... $2500.00 would be a decent price for that cart,
But, only if it is a 48V, and has Trojan batteries...

If it's a 36V and has Sam's Club batteries... then I'll agree with HRC!

I have a 98 48v with $4400.00 invested in it,
I'm hoping to sell it in spring for $3500.00 :wallbash:

Good luck with your decision! :thumbsup:


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Cart was purchased and delivered today from the private seller. I'll post pic's soon and look forward to learning from ya'll. Great site.


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also cart is a 36V with 8 month trojans. upgraded controller and motor 8 months ago. Faster than any of the other under $3000.00 clean carts I could find in my area. don't know exact speed yet but in my opinion, faster than the PDS's with speed chip that I personally tested.