need a little help


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hello all i just pick up a ez go golf cart from a friend the cart was running last summer i new this becouse my kids would play on it. i just bought it from him a few days ago and he had told me the batteries where bad so i bought new ones for it today. after installing the new batteries and giving them a good charge the cart still want do anything the back up buzzer want even sound. any thought are ideas on what it may be are what i can check to see what the problum may be. thanks for your time


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Howdy brent.

If it's a TXT, look at the charger port on the cart. If ya take off the cover, there is a fusable link (That's not the correct name).

Some of the smarter electric fellas will be here soon...
If it worked last summer that is a good sign as you expected. Have you downloaded the EZGO manuals for your model and reviewed the wiring diagrams? What is the battery bank total voltage read out when checked with a VOM?


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thanks everone for you help...... i got good news i got the cart going.... the problum was do to my stupidity..... whan i changed the batteries i did not relize there was 2 grounds on it and i only hooked up one. after the ez go shop got a good laugh
and a 65.00 charge to put the ground back on its all good to go... thanks again for all your input...