Need a lift kit for my Yami


I need a lift kit for my G2. Which is the best lift kit for the price available for the g2/g9? has anybody had experience with BUs economy lift kit? I used that once for an ezgo and will never make that mistake again. It was built very cheaply and reused the stock axle meaning you really don't gain any lift. Is that the same way it is for their economy Yamaha lift?

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If it was my cart I'd look at the Jakes 6" Part # 6251

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I have a 98 g16 and i used a 7inc dbl A arm lift kit from BU,and was pleased with results.the rear end did not lift any, so i called the tech @ BU he said the lift was so you can put larger tires the tires are what gives you ground clearance.i have clearance is 4inc from ground to the pumpkin.good luck finding a kit you like.


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used economy 4 inch lift kit from bu on my 2000 g16 gasser what a mistake save your self time and agrivation


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you will need 10" rims for the lift kit to have enough steering clearance. You do not find tis out till you read deep into the instructions. Buy the lift kit and tires as a combo from Jakes