need a carb for a 1995 G-14

Bug Man

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Hello everyone,
I'm looking for a good used G-14 carb. I have one now but I think it's causing me trouble. I have to choke it heavily just to get the cart going then run it half choked just so I can limp around. I took the engine a part and it looks great. No probs internally so I'm assuming it's in the carb. Tried cleaning it myself and also sent it out to be soaked. Didn't help. I'm hoping that this is the problem. Any ideas?


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2 things........have you done a compression test? and have you checked the crank seals? sorry one more thing is you air intake box and all hoses sealed good and tight everywhere no cracks in any of the hoses?....................................

Bug Man

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Hello Shadowman,

Thanks for the reply. The crank seal is bad on the clutch side, real mess and the gasket was leaking around the crank case side (behind the clutch). I know that if a 2 stroke has bad seals this has a serious effect on performance / starting as the fuel / oil mixture actually travels through the crankcase but would it effect a 4 stroke as well?