Need 36 Volt Motor for Older EZGO Electric Golf Cart


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I'm new here.
I need an electric motor for an older 36 volt EZGO electric golf cart. Not sure what year it is. The number plate in passenger glove box is illegible. I think it might be a 70's or 80's Marathon, not sure. The motor shaft is aligned front to rear. It has split seat backs (2), boxy rear fenders, recessed headlights.
Any guidance is most appreciated.


Does it have a motor on it now? The older EZGO motors are harder to come by. If it has a motor are you sure it's bad?


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My phone/camera just died.
Will get some pix when i can.

I know the following...
It's pretty old...
The serial # plate located under the passenger glove box is illegible.
The body is more boxy than curvy.
It has recessed factory headlights.
It has 2 separate seat backs, left and right.
It's 36 volt, batteries arrayed as such...
| XX XX |
| X X |
It has the resistor coil speed control arrangement on the left behind batteries.
The motor shaft is inline with the cart, front/rear, not left/right
The motor has only 2 7/16" mounting bolts which I removed easily.
but the motor won't come out (yet).
The 4 motor terminals are all in a row left/right
One motor terminal is loose and shorting.
The ID plate on the motor is illegible.
It's pretty old...


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Thank you.
It seems pretty stuck but I'm hosing it w/wd40
and smacking it with a 2x4.
I'll look into that when I get it off.