my ring finger on motor, sparks flew now nothing


work on my buddies club car elec. i think 2005,or 2006. putting a lift kit on i grabbed the motor to roll axle and my ring finger touched 2 of the studs together on the motor, arc'ed it out and melted a big chunk of finger.
and the orange batt light on dash lit up afterwards and would come on and off. cart would not work after that. flipped the seat up and what looked like a resistor with a clear tubing over it(yellow wire on each side of it hanging down by controller) was still melting and hot 15 minutes later we unplugged it female spades.

so not so good thinking we thought we would just jumper wire it togther to see if cart would move and that instantly arc'ed out melted spades.

so we flipped tow run switch to tow and made a goofy sound like a fan running or something.

We have now idea where to start i'm use to ezgo its a club car not sure what model?
we know we need a new resistor / fuse thing which i cant find on diagrams

where to go from here? wonder if my burning flesh and ring ruined the solenoid or controller , or poss. motor

any help would be great


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that sucks, my daddy did the starter bolt to the ring to the frame deal on a chevy truck once:yikes2: took a yr to heal up. i'm thinkin' somebody is gonna be spendin' some money before your done


Well we put everything back together today and the cart would only go in reverse even when the switch was set in the forward position. I flipped the orange and blue wires on the controller and it would only go forward in both forward and reverse positions. I'm thinking its the controller but not sure. As I said yesterdy the prechrged resistor got hot and burned the plastic off. I've ordered a new one in hopes that will solve the problem but probably not the fix as its a $4 dollar part. I did drive it about 50 yrds forward with the two wires swapped and it slowly stopped and now wont go however you can still here the silonoid engage and then disengages after a few seconds. Anybody have any ideas what to replace next or how to test some componets to rule them out? any help would be apprecieated.


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I am afraid you have fried your computer. I did the exact same thing by inadvertently arcing the two main studs on the motor with steel wool. The results were exactly the same as yours: a melted solenoid, only reverse and then nothing. A new computer installed will be upwards of $650 I'm afraid.


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i would think it fried the controller not the computer......i think thats what you meant.........ain,t gonna be cheap.............
Skipping steps 1-5 of the lift kit instructions?? Bet you wont do that again. Now disconnecting the batteries doesnt sound like such a bad idea.


I thought the instructions were over rated. LOL Order controller of Ebay for $179.00 and new computer to be safe for $75. I'll let you know the results once parts arrive. The company with the used controller appeared to be honest we'll see. If it seems to good to be true it probably is.


Got the new parts and put it back together. Everything works great except when im going forward and reverse and push the pedal down the last 1/2" before it hits the floor the cart stops. Let up a 1/2 " and it takes back off. It appears to go pretty fast but i don't think as fast as before. Any ideas??? The guy said i could send the controller back and he would send me a another one but he said they are checked out before they are sent. Got it charging right now to see if it makes a difference but I doubt it. Any ideas would be appreciated.
It's a 2005 club car precedent