My Next Project EZGO Golf Cart


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1981 EZGO golf cart that is free I just need to pick it up for my next project. All thats there is the frame, body and front a rear axles. I'll get it tomorrow and post pics. I'm thinking high HP V-Twin gasser, long fun fun! :thumbsup:


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I got a $4,000 "free" Club Car golf cart of my own. :rotflmao:
Don't leave us hanging. We want in on this project. :)


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I can't wait. This one's gonna take awhile though. I'm on a budget. Offshore Fishing is my real hobby. If we win our next tournament the cart project will shift into high gear. :banana:

So everyone on this site could say some prayers to the Fish Gods the weekend of May 30th that would be a huge help.

Thanks in advance for the help



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Ill say a prayer for ya. Im damn good at praying for fish, do it all the time. Even when Im at work!!! :D


A little late, a lot late really i missed this post. How did you make out on that tournament? :coolest: