My New Club Car With a Z-Lift


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Not as hard core as some of these other guys are with their golf carts. I bought mine with the lift etc already done. But I've slowly been changing some things and getting it a little faster. I drag race mustangs, so I like speed and to modify things. So of course when I bought a cart to use as a pit vehicle, it just couldn't be a plain jane cart. I wanted it lifted etc. Still got a lot of things I want to do with the cart, but the cart takes 2nd place to me spending money on my stang.

So anyway, on to the cart and Pics. It's a 2001 Club Car with a Z-lift kit and Duro's 22x11x10 tires. I've added a Grant steering wheel, BU power spring, air horns, and a radio to so far. Still to install is the bike speedo I bought after reading a bunch of threads about it. And order a tach since I removed the governor. I gps'd it at 23.9 mph so far. Also have new chrome bezel headlights to install, hope to have those on tonight.

Now on to the pics:






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Thanks! Was just looking at some of your car pictures. Is that Promod under "My Cars" yours? If so, very nice! I tend to stick to the cheaper slower classes My 88 only runs low 11s, should dip into the 10s once I get my Dynojet (I tune fords on the side and am installing a Dynojet 224xlc right now) installed and setup. I run Fun Ford Weekend a lot and won the 2005 Street Stang Class Championship with a 2002 Mustang I had. Sold the 02 to a friend so I could go back to playing with my '88 Mustang that I've bought in 1990 as my first car.



Nice looking Mustang. :thumbsup:
I sold the Pro Mod after the season was over last year. I'm still deciding if I'm going to build another one or not. I may just run a few Super Chevy meets this year with the Monte Carlo. All the cars in mypics folder on my pic site are mine except the yellow camaro. Theres a thread here in the Other Hobbies/Drag Racing section with a few more pics. Feel free to join in. :hattip:


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Changed the headlights out last night, better but still point up a little to much. I think I can tweak them tho and they will work out a lot better.


Also moved my speaker box from the back cubby hole to between the front and back seat. It *barely* fits in there $19.95 @ Wal-Mart (Or if you have a Big Lots, they now have them for $15.99)


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Cart looks AWESOME. Very clean. Maybe you can tweak them head lights with a heat gun now. It is pretty easy if you know where to heat and bend. You may not need much. If you try it, take your time and don't heat in one spot too long. It can crinkle the paint.


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Thanks, Needs a cleaning right now lol. Normally rides in my 28' Enclosed Car hauler, but for a Disney trip its on a open car trailer. And of course it rained just enough to get the road grime all over the cart. And I just did powerball the wheels a few weeks ago. Oh well.

Yeah, after I get back from Disney I'll play with the lights some more. After looking at it, the original problem with the other lights was the shop I bought the cart from put the lights up to high on the body. So they would be in between the push bar. These point almost directly at the lower bar now. I might need to get a different push bar that fits better.