my new cc 98 ds


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I just bought a 98 DS. I changed all the belts, oil filter. What kind of oil do you recommend? Also I noticed that the brake cables are rubbing on the back tires and looks like the protective covers are starting to wear through. Should I buy hub spacers to push the tires outward or should I try to relocate the cable to what looks like an inner slot on the lift bracket?

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I think those had wire keepers to prevent rubbing. It's a wire loop, sort of, that clips in to the bracket where the rear leaf spring bolts to the frame. You could just find a good spot under there and use a zip tie to hold the cables off the rear tires.



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I always use Pennzoil straight 30w but I think Club Car calls for 10w 30w. Someone else will chime in with the exact info.


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Thanks for the information and the welcome. I will try the zip ties. I think your right with the 10w 30w, I do recall reading that somewhere.