My Music Room


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Well I was going to post some pic's of my music room untill I seen yall are talking about your wifes.... Im pretty smart too Nubs.. Cause I learnt 35 years ago not to do that..... :rotflmao:


I'm in a little rutt right now with guitar. I go through this every now and then. It seems like you practice your ass off and don't accomplish anything then all of a sudden things get better.


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my wife was a master on the skin flute t'il we got married, now that particular instrument just lays around.


I understand about the rutt. I use Youtube alot for inspiration. I watch alot of the cover videos. Man I wish Youtube was around when I was in college. But then again if it would have been around, then I would not be here because I would be a rock star. Well, a retired rock star,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, that races golf carts.


I do the same thing TDAWG. Youtube can definitely get you in the mood to play for sure.
Back in my younger days I would play along with albums. The nice thing about Youtube is you can find anything and everything.
I get disgusted with my inability to make my hands do what my head knows. So I put it down for a couple of weeks sometimes. When I pick it back up, it's like a few more nuggets come to me. Adderall helps too...... :yes:
When I get my "music room/studio/office/all around man shack" cleaned up I'll post some pictures. Seeing yours has inspired me to clean mine up. Thanks HRC! :hattip: I appreciate you being such a fine host for such a fine rabble of characters here at CAH. :cheers: