My First Golf Cart Build 1993 36 Volt Club Car


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Hello all, this is my 1st post here. I have aquired my first golf cart build, a 1993 Club Car that looks to have a 48 volt system, with 36 volts in batteries and 36 volt battery charger. I got it to use for fun take it camping, field support for another hobby RC Electric Planes. I understand electrical stuff pretty good, but am a vigin with golf carts. :p
If I see things right, I have a 48 volt golf cart. Motor says 48 volt and the cart has "power system 48" on the side. I plan on a lift, a new motor, tires and wheels.

So to start, I got A-Arm 6 in lift as I like the heim joints and may go coil-over later.

I also picked up a 10hp 48v motor that will still give me another 1000 rpm over the stock 3.2 hp motor I have. Keeping with the lower voltage should give more torque. Batteries were a little rough and needed some serious cleaning before it would charge or run. Goes OK, but no real speed. I am going to replace all the wires with 4g welding cable.

Tires and wheels are where I'm at now. Looking for 22/10-10 as I don't want to go real high or wide so it will fit in my Toy Hauler between some benches.

I was posting over on the BU site, but found little help and to many rules. :rolleyes:


FBJR, Welcome to the forum.

I couldn't see the pics either so I went and registered at the forum where the pics are hosted and now I can see them. I had to view them there and now I see them here. Maybe the forum the pics are hosted on doesn't allow hot linking to other sites. You may want to use a free image host like imagecave. photbucket or any other free host that allows hot linking or ask a admin on the RC forum if they allow hot linking...


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The other site is free and allows any link to it as long it is not porn or such. I was a mod there for about 5 years.

I use these things enough I may have to use something like PB or such, but even this way is a pain.

Call me spoiled I guess I am used to just posting pics and being done!!



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I can't see them. :mad:

Edit: I see them now. Here's what I did:

Right clicked on the visible red X window, copied the properties of the pic, opened an additional IE window and pasted the pic properties into the URL window, ENTER. This took me to the photo and it showed in the new window. Next, I returned to the thread window, right clicked the visible red X window, and selected "Show Picture". Pic is now visible in the thread to me. Did this twice more for the other pix. Whew, I'm tired.

That battery bay needs some attention!

BTW, it looks like your 48 volt cart has 36 volt batteries in it.


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Yes it does (see first post) but just can't swing both new batteries and a charger now.

Don't understand about the pictures. PC to PC should be no issues with a direct link. To bad I can't just post them here.