My Club Car DS and Lynx Golf Carts


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My Lynx is my "Pride and Joy" though... 28 mph, with just a Zip Tie... I just can't get enough of it!


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I plan on going to the campground next weekend, and see if I can get my cart out,
and run on the lake full of Ice a bit!!!... no gaurantees.... but it would make for a pretty good video!!!! :cool:

Thanks for the great responses!!!


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I had my Lynx out in the snow...WHAT A BLAST!
$40.00 to get my road and drive plowed... and an hour of shoveling...
But, I got it out! (OMG!!! I'm turning into a "Die Hard" cart fanatic!)



There was too much snow on the lake to go "Ice" riding... but, I still had a gas!
What a mess!!! Now I have to bring it home, and clean it all up!!! :wallbash:(but, it was worth it!) :cool:


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Just let the snow melt off! If you weren't in the dirt/mud/salt, then the cart didn't get dirty, it just got wet!