My airbagged Par Car "Below Par"


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Hi guys, I'm new to the forum. I'm from Queensland in Australia.
I used to own this 88 Columbia Par Car. Unfortunately I had to sell it, so someone else is enjoying it at the moment

It was bog stock when I got it, and all the work was done by myself, apart from the trim on the seats, and the paintwork.

I started off by bagging the rear. I removed the entire rear clip and made a new one from scratch. I wanted it to lay frame!

It was quite tricky as the left rail had to curve around the engine, yet still clear the bigger 10" alloy wheels & tires.

I went with a single triple convoluted airbag in the rear. This gave it 10 inches of travel!

The rear finished. Tank and compressors were all mounted underneath to keep it neat and out of the way. I had to ditch the original fuel tank to do this, but I mounted a 5 litre tank in front of the motor. I only used it for cruising around car shows!

Up front I went with 3" Air Cylinders. This combined with the 3 way valves allowed me to three wheel

Again I had to fabricate a cradle to mount the cylinders, along with control arms to replace the leaf spring in front.

Then came the body! I had to tub the rear to clear not only the tyres, but the tank and frame.
Good thing I know a thing or 2 about fibreglass! haha

And I frenched a license plate box in just for something different

I took it to a few shows in primer, before I moved the compressors under the body.

Then it was time for paint!!
I went with a custom mixed pearl yellow-gold, with silver bottom, and candy red stripe.
And a friend of mine airbrushed some skulls on the front cowl for me.

I also did a 3" roof chop, a removable vinyl rag top, retrimmed seats with "Below Par" embroidered in yellow, New windscreen with chrome tint, and a Flame Billet steering wheel.

It was sad to see it go, but on to bigger and better things! I pick up my new Melex on Friday, so I will start a build up of that soon!
Hope to chat with some of you soon!


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Awesome job on the Columbia. The name suits it perfectly. Good luck with the Melex and keep us posted with your progress.