My 99 Bumble Bee


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Hi folks, thought i would introduce myself. New to carts, so i do not know too much about them, but i bought a good one i think. It's my 99 EZGO/Club Car Bumble Bee. I'll run down some of the specifics:
1999 EZ go body
CC tranny
IR 407cc engine
cherry bomb stinger
BajaReady propriatery 8" lift
am/fm/cd pioneer w/amp and speaker box
4 sets of lights
fire extinguisher
bikini top w/luggage rack
removeable back seat
I would like to put a bigger engine in it but have no clue how to do it and have about a grand to spend so any ideas would be nice. thanx!


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Nice cart! Gotta love those yelo carts!

Either you know a thing or two about fabrication, or you have some pretty deep pockets! There are plenty of custom items on that rig (but I'm sure you know that too). It really is a nicely turned out cart.


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I don't know anything about anything on carts or fabbing! I just got a good deal on it like it almost is. I did some cosmetic stuff but that is about it.


Real nice cart you have. Can't help you on the engine but Im sure someone will give you some ideas.


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thanx all. i have been trying to research this Ingersoll Rand 407cc engine but have come up empty on it. I really want to put something with some more oomph in it, maybe a vanguard 35 horse, but that honda engine is tempting.