My 96 Club Car will not turn off.

This 1996 36v cart was acquired during property sale and will not turn off. Have another 2003 36v hooked up and running. Same wiring as 2003. Salvaged 6 batteries that read 5.9v - 6.2v. Checked all wiring from diagram and from the 2003. Replaced a couple a missing wires. I had it up on jack stands. When I made this last connection on the batteries, the wheels began to turn. Strange, as I had no key in the ignition switch. Is this a bad switch or what? Drove it for an hour. Parked it overnight. Next morning batteries were discharged. I assume, the switch stuck in the on position discharged the batteries. I disconnected the switch. I am now charging the batteries to get them to a voltage level that my Club Car charger will recognize and begin charging.


Cartaholic - V.I.P.
Is this a controller cart?
If so then yes the one solenoid is being activated or it is stuck on
Either a bad switch or a bad solenoid. It looks like power comes from the batteries to the forward and reverse switch. Power from F/R switch goes to the key switch. Turning the key on sends power to the limit switch on the F/R switch. Limit switch is also connected to the low side of the solenoid. It looks to me like, when you put the cart in the forward position, it makes contact with the limit switch. Then, by depressing the accelerator pedal, will activate the steel rod in your solenoid. Thus, creating a circuit between the motor and the speed controlling systems on your golf cart. If the solenoid is being activated, would a stuck in on position key switch do this? I guess I could take the high side wires off of solenoid and check the continuity.