My $400 "Creme Puff"


I guess I can be considered a true cartaholic after buying this pos golf cart for 400 bucks and driving 7 1/2 hours to get it.
I just got back now from Atlanta. Man Atlanta traffic sucks! LOL I dont have much hair left on my head after that crazy trip.
Here I snapped some pics of the cart. This is why you dont buy off ebay!!


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I was thinking the same thing. As long as the engine is good, you can fix that up and probably make a profit if you deside to resale it.


Yep it will be a great cart once I get it fixed up. The top has a crack in the front. Is there a way to repair it?

As for the engine its trash. For some reason they left the oil cap off for however long its been sitting. The engine isnt locked up so I assume it is rebuildable. I am thinking of either rebuilding it or selling it for parts or rebuild on ebay and then take my 18hp Vanguard from the workhorse and put it in this cart. Depending on how much the cart sells for I have a little secret in store for the workhorse.

The back left wheel is locked up. At first it seemed like the rear end may be frozen up but then I noticed the right one spinns around. Could the the left drum be rusted to the brake? The brake petal is very stiff when you push it down. I dont know if this may have something to do with it?

Yep I bought this from that guy on ebay. They stretched the truth about the cart more than they should have. But I still like the cart a lot. I probably wont want to sell it when I get it fixed up.


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Well the good thing is that you can fix them up pretty easy. I would check the brake drum on that side of the rearend. Does the driven clutch spin when you turn the wheel that will?