My 1977 EZGO Transformation


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Hey yall... New to this fourm! I am a part of the BU fourm, and someone mentioned this one to me. I have been looking around, and this looks like an awsome place!! I figured I would introduce myself to thoes that don't already know me by posting some pics of my carts restoration, start to finish. Click on the pictures to see a larger version.

This is my cart when I first got it home. We had to push it down the road as it was a DOA... What ya expect for 100 bucks?

This is the engine. Notice the internal starter/alternator. It is under the black cowel. It was bone dry after sitting for 8 years.

Gas tank removed. There was 8 years of 2-stroke sludge in the bottom, along with rusty metal from the fuel float and pickup.

The rusted through fuel pickup.

Once I got the tank cleaned out, carb cleaned, new spark plug, new fuel lines, new battery, all that was left was for it to turn over. It was a no-go. Come to find out that after sitting all that time, dust from the garage is sat in collected on the commuter in the S/A. Some brake/electric motor cleaner took care of that. She fired right up! Brought it up our summer home, where it was going to be used most. I wanted it ready for the 4th of July. A quick coat of rattle can red and some lights and it looked like this:

Another shot in the front yard of out cottage. Our summer paradise. Water front, end of a private road, quiet. Until I am ripping around on this that is LOL.

This is after some new seat covers. I drove it up onto a snowmobile trail off the private road. What an adventure! Stock, we made it all the way.

Here, you can see the radio in the dash in my custom made wooden holder. Speakers behind back rest, which is also custom made.

Just another picture on another dirt road in Savoy. This is where the snowmobile trail leads to.

Once summer was over, It was time to inspect the condition of the engine. It made some funny clanking noises, and I was told that the top end was worn. Engine removed from cart.

Took engine apart to find this, a broken top ring and a badly burnt piston:

New top end went on like nothing!

Engine completed, cleaned, and painted with heat paint.

Engine back in cart before it fired for the first time.

Most recent photo, with rebuilt engine in it. This was right after i drove it for the first time.

Just another shot...

I don't have any more than $400 into this cart, and I have soo much fun on it! To be able to do all the work yourself really helps though. This is my first cart, and I had no idea what I was getting into when I bought it. If it wasn't for fourm's like this, I wouldn't have gotten it running in the first place! I have more photos that arn't posted here of more of the rebuild pics and the trip on the trail.

Hope you enjoyed the photos!



Sounds like you have caught the bug like the rest of us!
Cart looks great, and these carts will take a beating and keep on going, and going and going. Kinda like the energizer bunny.


Hi and welcome. Nice job on bringing the Marathon back to life


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Thanks guys! Yes, I have cought the bug! I am a cartaholic!! It doesn't really take too much to make these older carts look a lot better!

I agree... these are very sturdy carts. The all sheet metal body just dents instead of cracking! These little Japanese engines are amazingly small, but powerful and durable! At first I was kinda unsure about its age, but now I like it JUST because of its age!! And I could still kick my neighbor's Yami G-1's butt with a broken ring!!!

Glad you enjoyed the pictures!

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Your cart turned out great! From the vid I seen of you doin donuts made me jealous of mine. It'd have to start in the next county to get it goin full speed.


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Thanks CCM! We just got about 2 inches more snow last night. Soon, I am going to work up the courage to venture out into the -1 degree weather to do it again!


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Haha does sound like fun!

Well, I chickened out today... went out to start the Yukon to warm it up, and it wasn't too happy with me!! I thought to myself, if a 2004 engine has difficulty starting in this cold, how will the 1977 robin feel!! LOL That and I had to do a stupid lab report for my non-medicated bi-polar physics teacher. WOO HOO such fun! I would have rather been driving my cart in the freezing weather than doing that!!! Oh well... there will be more chances.

Anywho... what do poeple here use for horns? I have one, but it is really old and crappy. Lookin for a new one. Friend of mine has a police box with 4 sounds. Air horn, and 3 different po-po siren sounds! I was like, man, i could have some fun at the pond with that sucker!!! If i can find one cheap... i am snagging it! Otherwise, i would still be looking.