Multiple Marathon Purchase?

Hey Guys, Was wondering if some if you would be willing to help me out. A couple of months ago I was out test driving a used car and rode past a golf course and noticed that they had about 6 or 8 older marathon carts behind their maintance shop. I have bought,fixed,kept and resold some gas Ez-go's over the years. I was thinking about trying to talk to someone at the course and see if they would be intrested in selling all these carts. I figure that they would be worth at least $75.00 each for the scrape from the batteries? I have no idea if they have chargers for these cart or not. My questions- What do you guys think these carts would be worth if they are in non running condition? Would 20 + year old carts be worth trying to put some used batteries into? Are there people out there looking for Marathon take off used parts? Thanks in advance for help/advice.


Marathons are good carts and there's still a lot of people that have them. It's hard to say what they're worth without seeing them and knowing what condition they're in. I'd say it's worth a shot to stop and ask about them. If they're controller carts they would be worth more than resistor carts.
Hotrod- Thanks for the quick reply- I am by no means very fiamilar with these electrics. I can tell from looking that they are from the mid/later 1980's They have the metal/plastic front cowls. If I look at these and they have coils they are resister carts correct? Did any of the Marathons run a controller?


Yes the Marathons were available with controllers starting in 89 or 90 until 92. Look behind the batteries and there will either be coils or a controller. If they have the plastic on the front metal cowl they're later model Marathons and might have controllers.


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i don't think that a fella could parts em out and make a buck