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Where to buy- Most cart places

Sizes- 22" to 30"

Review-The itp mudlights are a great tire they do good on dirt roads and as u would think they do exellent in mud. they will handle pavment but not for long periods of time. and on hard packed surfaces and pavement they do make the cart shudder at lower speeds. this is a graet tire if you mainly drive off road. i don't think they will wear that good if you drive on pavment a lot though. but then again they weren't meant too



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Personally i think Mud Lites do really well on the road. Mine have worn really nicely and all I do is ride on the road practically. Would recommend them for anyone thats wants to go in the mud.


I drive my Mudlites on concrete and mud. The concrete is killer on mudlites if the steering is out of alignment, more so than other tires. Also be sure to keep them aired up on concrete, otherwise the back edge of the treads will start getting torn up.