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make sure that your choke is closing all the way if not this could make it use extra fuel also check your valves to be sure they are set correctly,check for leaks at tank,fuel pump and all other connections and hoses. just wondering if you smell any gas fumes while driving and when making stops if so you are running too rich. possible bigger jets have been installed in the carb if you purchased it used.


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Thanks for the info. I do smell strong gas fumes when I stop and park it in the garage. I'll be checking the things you suggested. Thanks again! Nazrat


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hi, i know this is an old post but i am having the same isues! i smell lots of gas fumes wen i park my cc in my garage and the cart cufs wen i double pres the gas pedal! i got this cart last month used and i was wondering what size of jets a stock 1997 club cart uses! thanks for the help