Move Up To The V-Twin


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My 2006 Ezgo TXT, with the 295 problem child, and a pain in the back side when it comes to starting, running, etc. There are times it will start fine, run fine, and other times, start and when I shut it down, it will not start up... just the starter turning.
It's has a new fuel pump, new fuel filter, spark plugs, air filters, carb cleaned--5 times.

I've decided to remove the infamous 295 and move up to the top floor---a V-Twin engine.
This cart 'has not' been lifted in any form, only with 10" rims.. bigger tires.

Where is the best place to purchase this V-Twin and will it fit right into the frame space without any modifications? Is there a motor frame kit available? I can buy a 23 hp Honda V-Twin from a firm in Iowa--engine only.


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When the starter belt turns, the crankshaft also turns. I removed the spark plug boots, and inserted in each a spark plug to ground to engine housing to check for spark. I get good spark from the plug tips. Just not igniting the gas in combustion chamber.


You can also check with Frank at Alpha Carts. He has some nice V-Twin kits.
As far as your starting problem goes have you adjusted the valves lately? From what you've posted it sounds like that may be your problem.