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Anybody else here ride motorcycles? Let's see them! I have a 00 Harley Heritage and a 80 Yamaha XS1100 Midnight Special. I bought the Yamaha more as a collector piece but it does run great. Saw somewhere that someone was thinkin about putting an 1100 in a cart. That would be way dangerous for me. Bike is supposed to do 12 sec 1/4miles. Not sure what a 12 sec golf cart would be like!!


I used to ride. I've had several Harley's back in my younger days. After my first son was born I sold the last bike I owned which was a HD Low Rider. I still do some work here on Harley Engines but nothing like I used to. Every spring I think about buying another one but the way people drive around here changes my mind...:)


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I've got a Kawasaki Voyager but haven't been able to ride it much lately. :(


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Itchen for warmer weather here. That and some serious rain to wash all the crap off the road. Yeah, have to be on the lookout all the time for goofy drivers. I've been on some bike runs where the bike riders were pretty scarey too!!


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I Have A Harley Fat Boy Love It Took It Out Last Weekend Was 45 Out Just Had To RIDE :) Come On Spring !!


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Another snowstorm here. 2 ta 4 expected. Looks like it's gonna be a while. Had both of mine out last week just for a spin around the block. Had to put the charger on the Harley meanwhile the old Yamy fired right up! LOL


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'03 HD Electra Glide Classic.

Couldn't stand it any more! Me 'n my honey, decided to go for breakfast, at a restaurant, about 50 miles away. Rode a little over 200 miles last Sunday, going in BIG circles, on different roads, checking out the scenery and feelin' the wind in our face ... with her on the back, hollerin' WOOOHOOO! ... Oh What a feelin'!!!! :D

86 degrees, here today :)

My 1st bike ever, was a brand new, 1952, Harley 50cc. We bought it in 1966! It had been stored in the attic, of the Harley dealership, for all that time! They had 4 ... My dad bought 2, 1 for him and 1 for me, and our preacher bought 2, 1 for him and 1 for his son. Damn, I wish I had it back now! I don't know what ever happened to them, dad just said, we sold them. :mad:


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Okay, Brad! ... LOL 88 today, tomorrow, maybe 90 by Sunday or Monday :D

Oh ... Got a little carried away, didn't I?

May your weather bring you MANY Great days of ridin', Real SOON!


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New to the forum and its been a while since this post was added to but I have an '03 Harley VROD. At the present time it's a little quicker off the start than the EZGO!


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Tuco - Got any pics?

I know there's controversy over 'water cooled' Harley's ... But ... how do you like yours? Pros ... Cons ... etc. Also according to what I'm hearing, it won't be long until, all New Harleys will be 'water cooled'.


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Big into bikes myself as well. I recently picked up 2003 Anniv. Sportster witha 1200 Kit on it. So recent that I don't even have pics. yet. Bur it's similar to this...

I generally rebuilt one bike every winter as well. A passion of mine to pass the winter blues. Here are a few before and after pictures of my last couple builds.....


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Dont get me started on bikes, I wish even now at 76 that I could get a leg over one again? I live right behind a Harley dealer and enjoy listening to the bikes reving up and leaving the shop as the freeway is just in front. I stop by every so often to just see what new has come along. In the last couple of years the park we live in has finally allowed bikes in and we are getting more and more each year. There are 5 on my street alone and another one coming the first of year.
We are only about 10 miles from Padre Island and all the bikes going to the island events come by on highway and I sit out and enjoy the sounds they make ( used to be able to tell by exhaust what bikes come by but now they are starting to sound the same )?
My bikes started with what I was told was a 1914 Harley belt drive bike?
I had 5-6 early Harleys from about 1923-1940s. Then I went to Indians and had a blast with Chief's from a shaft drive 4 cylinder, to peppy Warriors, and Scouts until about 1949 when I ran across foreign bikes that carried me through until after I married and started having kids??
My first bike then was an Arial Square 4 that I drag raced for a couple of years. Then I went back to Harleys again and punched out several engines and tried stripping the bike down but it didn't have what I was looking for ( SPEED ).
Then one day I was in Harley shop and a salesman came in looking for the fastest bike around to race? He had this little black bike on a trailer and the dealer smiled at me and said that I had the fastest bike he knew of I had just bought another Arial Square 4. We went out to the edge of town and started at the last traffic light. When the light changed and I rolled the throttle wide open on my bike his front wheel came off the ground and he seemed to stop me dead and was turned around and waiting for me a mile down the road smoking a cigarette when I got there?
That day I ordered a new VINCENT BLACK SHADOW, the fastest bike I ever owned. It was the hardest one to keep in tune because it had 2 side draft carbs, 2 mags and so many adjustments that it was a nightmare to keep in tune. But when it ran right look out it was fast ( 125 in quarter mile ).
I had for 4 years gone to Bonneville and raced and helped others race cars and bikes so when I got a chance for a real racer bike??
That year I took it to Bonnevile and raced it against a factory team from England and was the 2nd fastest bike that year at 151 mph but couldn't quite break 155 miles an hour that the factory bike did. I tried twice in later years but by then other companies were racing factory teams and the single person couldn't compete.
After that and the fact that I dumped my bike the next year at 150 mph and spent 6 months in full body cast, I saw that 2 wheels were just not enough for a man with then 3 kids and alot to loose? I started riding Harleys and switched over to the bigger Honda's until I could no longer lift my leg far enough to ride any more? I thought very seriously about a "T" Rex 3 wheeler because I could get in and with help get out of it? But when I found out that the insurance would run me OVER $4000 a year that ended that Idea.
The biggest loose I had was when my son stored all my family, car and bike pictures away for safty and a leak destroyed most of them, so I only have my memories to carry me now.


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This one is an 08 Electra Gluide. I sold it in Sept. I painted my Yamaha to match this color scheme.

This one is a 08 Ultra. I bought it in New Mexico in October and is still there. It is for sale.....800 miles, every factory option, really ugly color! If it does not sell by end of March, My wife and I will ride it back to Wisconsin in May and try to sell it here. I really want the 08-09 Ultra in blue.


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Thanx HRC!

I should have kept the blue one and just added lowers to it. I dont think the ugly one is gonna sell. Oh well, it'll be a nice ride in May. :thumbsup:


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Just a "FYI"....

If any of you plan to vist Myrtle Beach for this coming year's rallies, please get a Hotel in North Myrtle Beach or in the County south of Myrtle Beach and plan to by-pass the City of Myrtle Beach during the rallies. If you ride through, please don't spend a dime in the City limits.

I ride a '06 "Street Glide". Just replaced pipes with stock HD Screaming Eagles that are suppose to be street legal (EPA standard). Measured at idle at 45 degrees and 20" from end caps (per Myrtle Beach's new Noise Ordinance of 89db at idle), they measured 91db! Guess I'll have to by-pass Myrtle Beach City limits from now-on. Of course, they also passed a Helmet Ordinance in the City for all riders and passengers contrary to South Carolina law of not having to wear a helmet if you are over 21. Yes, they are trying to get rid of the Rallies thanks to a relative small group of very influential residents who want Myrtle Beach to become a retirement community instead of a vacation destination. They also passed 11 more Ordinances having to do with outdoor parties, no wet t-shirt contests, no bikini bike washes, limiting bar hours of operation during the month of the rallies, etc. Oh yeah, they even passed one giving them the right to fine any business or local governments nearby that openly support the rallies to help pay for clean-up costs, extra police protection, etc.

So far, two of three Federal suits brought against the City have been heard. The judges refused to issue injunctions to stop the City from enforcing the Ordinances. No future court dates have been scheduled.

The City of North Myrtle Beach (where I live) and the surrounding non-incorporated areas of the County have not passed any of the City of Myrtle Beach's new ordinances.


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As a SC Native, I would like to know HOW in the :censored: can a small CITY government override a STATE LAW. It really ticks me off. I go to MB every year on my sporty. Looks like I'll be stayin in NMB from now on.

I'd have to say MB is full of :censored: . Let's see what else we can do to hurt the local economy while we're at it!