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How hard is to remove electric motor from a 1997 ezgo fleet series cart?
do you have to disconnect shocks and remove rear wheels?
does the motor come out to the front or rear of cart?


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It's pretty easy to do. You can take it out from the top or bottom. I usually take them out from the bottom. If you go from the top remove the access cover over the motor...

1 - Spray a little penetrating oil on the 4 cable connections on the motor.
2 - Remove the battery pack positive and negative cables.
3 - Mark the 4 cables at the motor so you don't mix them up.
4 - Use 2 wrenches to remove the cables from the motor. 1 wrench to hold the jam nut and the other to remove the nuts holding the cables.
5 - Remove the 3 bolts holding the motor on at the flange on the rear end.
6- Slide the motor off the input shaft, you may have to wiggle the motor.

You can remove the drivers side shock to get extra room but you can get the motor out without taking it off.