Motor Runs Wheels Don't Move


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I Bought a 1998 EZGO TXT DCS Golf Cart. It ran perfectly for two days then quit. I bought a service manual from EZGO ($60 Bucks...WHEW!!!) and found the ignition interlock switch was bad. I called EZGO and the rep acted like he wasn't sure what I was talking about (that scared me a little) and was going to email me a pic of the switch (I never got) anyway, I put a jumper across the switch, all voltages were correct, the solonoid clicked and I could here the motor running, and responding to the pedal, but the wheels are not turning. Run/Tow in Run and Direction in F. Any help would be appreciated


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More than likely you have a stripped hub. Pop the dust covers off on the rear hubs and see if the axle spins. If it does you'll need a new drum. It's usually just one side that strips.


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